2016 BC Tech Sector Labour Market Partnership: Overview

A driving force of BC’s provincial economic development, technology has become BC’s fastest growing industry in recent years, totalling $23 billion in annual GDP.

Therefore, the availability and suitability of talent, both local, extra-provincial and internationally-sourced, is crucial to support the steady growth, continual development and progressive innovation of the BC tech sector.

Addressing this need, the BC Tech Association (BC Tech), in partnership with the Information & Communication Technology Council (ICTC), the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) and other industry partners are leading the 2016 BC Tech Labour Market Partnership project. The project focuses on addressing talent needs and opportunities, challenges, as well as supply and demand gaps within the BC tech sector.

The study will focus on the five key subsectors: ICT, Interactive and Digital Media, Cleantech, Lifesciences, and Engineering Services, functioning to deepen our understanding of current labour market conditions as well as talent needs and resources. Grounded in a five-year forecast, the study will ultimately culminate in a report that will predict industry and labour market challenges and trends for BC. Subsequently the project will present the corresponding short, medium, and long-term strategies, programs, and policies necessary to support the accelerated and diversified growth of the tech industry.

Employer Survey:

Capturing questions relevant to the key issues of job readiness, immigration, recruitment and retention as well as diversity and outreach, the BC Tech Association, in coordination with ICTC have crafted an employer survey to gain insights, feedback and key quantitative evidence on the talent and supply and demand gap in the BC tech sector. The survey will reach companies varying in size, composition, subsector focus and regional representation across BC. Your responses will remain anonymous and confidential and your participation is not only greatly appreciated, but also extremely crucial towards the success of the study and growth of the BC tech sector as a whole.