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Digital Talent Strategy

DTS_Cover_EDigital Talent: Road to 2020 and Beyond contextualizes Canada’s digital landscape and labour market needs by 2020. It provides an in-depth strategy with practical recommendations that will build Canada’s digital talent base, for today and the future, in an increasingly global and digital landscape. Developed through extensive research, and consultations with industry, education and policy makers across Canada, the strategy targets all sectors that include ICT in their practices and depend on a strong tech-savvy workforce.

With technology as the remedy for the opportunity divide and the source of empowering a high performing economy, the strategy outlines digital opportunities. Demographic shifts, global competition, evolving consumer habits and expectations, among many other factors, are transforming how businesses operate and how Canadians participate in public and civic life. As outlined in the strategy, a key to safeguarding Canada’s success is to ensure that there is skilled talent to drive innovation and competitiveness, as entrepreneurs or as part of the workforce.

Implementing this strategy will contribute inherently to the promise of real change for Canadians. It will ensure that SMEs, the engine of our economy, and all Canadian businesses are well equipped to respond to a rapidly evolving global economy. Moreover, it will ensure that Canadians, particularly youth, will be well prepared to succeed as skilled workers and entrepreneurs in our increasingly digital and global economy. Making the right investments and policy choices has never been more critical for Canada.

Download the strategy here.
Download Digital Talent Strategy Presentation (from the launch) here.