An interactive exploration of Cyber Citizenship and Cyber Security

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The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and MediaSmarts, in partnership with Encounters Canada and  Hive Toronto, are bringing together industry leaders, compelling speakers, and 200 secondary school students for 2 days of engagement on Cyber Citizenship and Cyber Security.
Learn and Share

The Digital Youth Summit will feature interactive activities that will teach new and critical skills and will provide an opportunity for students to share their ideas about their future in technology.

Day 1 – Cyber Citizenship

Digital literacy skills are essential for Canadians to live and work in today’s Digital Economy. Canada’s youth need digital literacy skills to support their health and well-being, their understanding of the world around them, their future economic outcomes, and their ability to contribute to society in significant and meaningful ways. The summit will provide an opportunity to explore the skills students need to be digitally literate citizens and the challenges and barriers they face in acquiring these skills. The discussion will include special issues faced by diverse, and often marginalized, young people.

In partnership with Encounters with Canada and Hive Toronto, 130 students from across the country will come together to hear from high profile speakers, engage in panel discussions and breakout sessions, and learn new skills through hands-on activities.

Day 2 – Cyber Security

Cyber Security is headline news. Privacy breaches, compromised data systems, and unauthorized access to corporate secrets are playing out in real life. The opportunity for youth to see the threats we face and the role they can play in helping to secure our systems is very powerful.

Day two of the Summit will provide secondary students from the Ottawa region with hands-on, interactive learning about the cyber security threats we are facing and the skills needed to safeguard our privacy and protect the integrity of Canadian companies and governments. Students will hear from industry experts about the state of Cyber Security in Canada and then will jump right into learning the skills necessary to secure a network in a fun and interactive way.

October is also National Cyber Security month. ICTC will kick off the the CyberTitan – Canada’s Youth Cyber Security Initiative. This national competition is designed to encourage secondary school students to pursue careers in cyber security and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. Stay tuned for more information!

The Digital Youth Summit is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

If you interested in sponsoring this exciting summit please contact Sandra Saric at or 613-237-8551 ext. 144.

ICTC and MediaSmarts wish to thank our Digital Youth Summit partners for their support and resources: