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ICTC’s goal is to provide programs and initiatives that encourage and promote the full participation and advancement of women in the digital economy. More specifically, ICTC works with industry, academia, associations, and government to increase opportunities for women to work in ICT occupations and advance them in decision-making roles in Canadian organizations.

ICTC and its partners have training, tools, and resources that help maximize the opportunities for women entering and working in technology. These practical solutions include providing opportunities for leadership and technical skills training, reviews of HR practices, and events and working groups to share promising practices. ICTC’s projects also facilitate greater collaboration and partnerships amongst all players in ICT to help more effectively attract and advance women in the digital economy.


Advancing Tech Women

(2015 -2017)

The initiative aims to increase women’s economic prosperity by increasing women’s retention and career advancement opportunities in ICT occupations in four major sectors of the economy—natural resources, construction, manufacturing, and trades.

This initiative will use existing knowledge and relevant experiences to develop tools and resources to address the systemic barriers facing women in ICT in non-traditional sectors. At the end of the project, industry will have access to a unique collection of online tools and resources to facilitate and evaluate labour force engagement, knowledge development and retention/career advancement of women in ICT.

This project is funded by Status of Women Canada.

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Women in Technology (WIT)

(2014 -2017)

ICTC and Status of Women Canada (SWC) came together to explore a ground-breaking and innovative way to increase women’s recruitment, retention and advancement in current and emerging technology sectors and a synergy in the truest sense was set in motion called the Women in Technology (WIT) initiative.

This collaborative approach brought ICTC, SWC, and six regional organizations (our delivery partners) together, all with a common goal to help women enter decision-making and management roles and move up in their organizations or in the sector. Six innovative regional projects were launched and a national initiative was formed in Fall 2013.

This project is funded by Status of Women Canada.

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Canada’s digital economy is flourishing and women are an integral part of this rapidly growing economy. With cumulative hiring requirements expected to reach as many as 232,000 by 2019, the importance of attracting and retaining top female talent in this highly competitive market has never been more critical. Creating innovative initiatives and programs that increase opportunities for women to thrive and succeed in technology are essential because they make good business sense for Canadian organizations, women, and the digital economy as a whole.


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See video of featuring Corinne Charette, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Canada(SITT) and former CIO, Government of Canada, and CIO of  the Year 2014.


If you are passionate about advancing women in technology, interested in volunteering or want to share your inspiring story, we would love to connect with you to discuss opportunities to work together. For more information please contact today!


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ICTC’s Women Initiatives are made possible with project funding from Status of Women Canada.