Telecom Summit panel explores SMEs at the heart of the digital economy

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Digital technologies and innovations are the essence of any high performing economy – such as ours – in an increasingly global and competitive environment. This is especially true as we open up our doors internationally to new trading partners. I had the pleasure yesterday of moderating a great panel with wide-ranging perspectives and insights on the various catalysts necessary to bolster a strong digital economy in Canada. One aspect that became clear is that small- and medium-sized enterprises are the heart of our economic engine in Canada. Helping them acquire the knowledge and talent base to adopt advanced technologies will go a long way in heightening Canada’s economic standing against peer countries.

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Canadian Telecom Summit 2014: Canada’s digital strategy hinges on tech adoption and education

TORONTO – It quickly became clear during Wednesday morning’s panel discussion at the Canadian Telecom Summit that no one-size-fits-all solution exists when it comes to implementing a national digital strategy that positions Canada as a key player in the global digital marketplace.

The arguments for the digitization of Canada’s economy are wide-ranging, said moderator Namir Anani, president and CEO of the Information and Communications Technology Council. “Some would argue that we need investments – without investment we can’t have technology. Others would say it’s our policies – if we don’t have the right trade policy, if we don’t have the right taxation policy, it will not happen. Others would say it’s about knowledge, skill and talent, and that we have to start early.”

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