Intelligent Industrialization: The Next Wave

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Canada’s industrial automation sector generates $2 billion annually in revenues, but faces a competitive international climate, finds ICTC’s latest report.


Ottawa, 18 February 2015 – Automation and robotics have helped manufacturing companies in Canada achieve cost-savings while improving quality, flexibility, and speed, says a report released today by ICTC. Industrial automation is continuously reshaping the labour needs to higher skilled talent in lean manufacturing, waste management, enhanced quality control, and end-to-end business integration.

The estimated annual revenue generated by Canada’s industrial automation sector, including Canadian and foreign developers operating in Canada, is approximately $2 billion. However, 73 percent of Canadian businesses turn to suppliers outside of Canada for their automation equipment, and 34 percent rely exclusively on non-Canadian suppliers, a sign Canadian developers are facing stiff competition internationally.

Canadian manufacturers are the largest end-market for automation technologies. These businesses rely on industrial automation technologies for product assembly, product packaging, product testing, and to perform dangerous work. Automation has had a significant impact on productivity and cost savings, and in the declining demographics context of Canada we are recognizing these technologies are helping boost productivity and increase scale and scope.

Canada is home to a prosperous automation sector that requires additional incentive policies, funding opportunities, and access to international markets to compete in the global arena. The report provides timely recommendations for strengthening Canada’s standing in the international market for industrial automation and robotics.

ICTC’s findings are based on a mix of secondary research and proprietary quantitative analysis collected through a survey of 410 enterprises to explore the adoption levels and the contribution of industrial automation for increased enterprise competitiveness.

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