The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a not-for-profit national centre of expertise for the digital economy.

ICTC is the trusted source for evidence-based policy advice, forward looking research, and creative capacity building programs for the digital economy.

Our mission is to:

Strengthen Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy

Our vision is to:

Foster globally competitive Canadian industries and a prosperous society empowered by  innovative digital solutions.

See how we are bringing together Industry, Education, & Policy makers to advance the digital economy in Canada

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Our Goals:
  • Globally competitive and inclusive digital economy
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial society and economy
  • Trusted and secure economy
ICTC is ..
  • A team of 70 highly qualified professionals across Canada.
  • A provider of over 25 tools, programs and initiatives to support students, schools, job seekers, businesses coast to coast.
  • An independent and neutral source for hundreds of publications and studies on the Canadian digital economy.
  • An authoritative source of technology, economic, and labour market research.
  • A leader in capacity building programs and solutions for the digital economy with the reach of 27,000 students & workers, and over 1,150 ICT businesses in 2018.
ICTC Executive Team

Our Leadership

Namir Anani

President & CEO

Lisa Wolfgram

Executive Assistant & Stakeholder Relations

Marc Lijour

Vice President, Capacity & Innovation Readiness

Huguette Camirand

Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra Cutean

Senior Director, Policy and Research

Kevin Wennekes

Chief, Strategic Outreach Officer

Elizabeth Mills

Senior Director, Skill Development

Diana Barbosa

Director, Education & Standards

Camelia Mestecanean

Director, Operations

ICTC Governance

Our Board of Directors


  • CHAIR: Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP 
    Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary 
  • VICE CHAIR: Andrew Wishart 
    Partner, Consulting Technology – Deloitte  
  • TREASURER: Pina Marra  
    Manager at Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada  )
  • SECRETARY: Faye West, F. 
    West Consulting 


  • Gary Davenport
    Past President – CIO Association of Canada 
  • Hana Pika
  • Jack Noppé 
  • Jake Hirsch-Allen
    North America Workforce Development and Higher Ed System Lead, LinkedIn 
  • Jamie Darch
    Principal, Jamie Darch & Associates  
  • John Weigelt
    National Technology Officer – Microsoft Canada 
  • Keith A. Sinclair
    President & CEO – Harris Leadership Strategies 
  • Neil Knudsen
    President – Meridian Networks 
  • Trekker Armstrong  FCIPS, I.S.P. (ret.), ITCP (Honourary Director)
Working at ICTC

Career Opportunities

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