Advancing Technology Women (ATW) outside of the High-Tech sector

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ATW Overview

When we think of technical occupations, it is often traditional ICT roles that come to mind such as programmers, analysts, and developers. Although these roles are still essential and in high-demand, ICTC’s focus with the ATW initiative is much broader and includes the numerous other occupations that demand technical expertise as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines, including engineers, technologists, designers, researchers, and skilled trades. Women represent almost half of working age Canadians, yet their participation in ICT and STEM professions has remained consistently lower – between 23 – 25% for ICT occupations alone – for over 10 years!

ATW is aimed at supporting four main sectors in which women are underrepresented in technology and STEM related roles: manufacturing, natural resources, construction and trades. Through collaboration with organizations and individuals, ICTC is aiming to understand the current gender balance in the industries, create awareness, and develop practices and initiatives that address business needs while promoting an inclusive and competitive workforce.

What ICTC is doing:
  • Developing a comprehensive tool to support organizations along their journey to becoming a more inclusive workplace
  • Enabling supportive networks & communities through workshops and networking opportunities
  • Engaging thought-leaders to provide strategic guidance and direction
  • Providing an online Information Centre where a variety of tools and resources will be available to individuals and organizations who are interested in gender balance, diversity and inclusion in technical occupations
  • Promoting the retention and advancement of women in technology roles across Canada’s economy
How can you get involved?

To get connect with ICTC and learn more about ATW and the Women In Technology initiatives, you can:

  • Visit ICTC’s Women In Technology (WIT) website at,
  • Read the most recent ATW Blog to discover some key findings –, and
  • Call or email:
    o Kerry Graydon-Tsang – [email protected], 613-237-8551 x125


We look forward to hearing from you!

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