ICTC wants to share the fantastic cyber-security games by the amazing bright minds at so many organizations across North America. If these games hit the right note with your cyber super sleuth, consider hosting a CyberDay at your school or creating a team to compete in the next CyberTitan Competition season! Registration opening soon – learn more at CyberTitan.ca!


Day 1: Created by the @TAMU Division of Information Technology we have Aggie Life! Test your cyber smarts in this online game that resembles the Game of Life!  Find our Twitter post and reply with your final score! Day 2: This game was created by our friends over at TrendMicro called Data Center Attack! In this choose-your-own-adventure style game step into the shoes of a Chief Information Security Officer making decisions for a hospital. Find our Twitter post and reply with what the outcome to your story was. Day 3: Put your cybersecurity knowledge to the test with today's game aptly named Nova Lab, presented by @theNOVALabs! Start your own app and work your way through the cyber attacks of increasing difficulty. Find our Twitter post and reply with what app you selected. Day 4: @Cisco has created an online super spy mission: Cisco Threat Busters! Try your hand at defending your network and gain intelligence from the Cisco Bureau of Cyber Intelligence! Find our Twitter post and reply with what challenge you took on!

Bonus Games:

  1. www.cybermission.tech: With this online game, players get a sense of what it’s like to be a successful part of a cyber protection team. Cybersecurity is a growing concern worldwide and the U.S. Military in particular, is focused on cyber defence. We welcome you to explore how each part of the game corresponds to cybersecurity careers in the Military.
  2. Targeted Attack: You are the CIO of a global organization called The Fugle, on the verge of making the first release of a biometrically authenticated mobile payment app.


No matter what post-secondary path a student chooses, the majority of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a computer and basic technical competencies. Students participate in a full or half day of experiential learning activities geared toward information and communications technology (ICT) themes, such as Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship. CyberDays are flexible and are designed to meet the needs of the school. The day usually begins with a hands-on, digital skills learning activity, followed by an expert panel discussion of specialists from a field relating to the theme. CyberDays are opportunities for middle and secondary school students to develop digital skills they will need for their future professional lives.


CyberTitan is a National Youth Cyber Education Program with an annual Cyber Defense Competition in the spring of each year. The competition puts teams of secondary school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals responsible for managing the network of a small company.

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