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Building a Smarter Future Together: ICTC Highlights the Pillars That Underscore Inclusive Growth in the Canadian Smart Economy

By 20 August 2019 No Comments

Today, The Information and Communications Technology Council is pleased to announce the release of its brief, Smart City Priority Areas and Labour Market Readiness for Canadians. The first release from its multi-year national initiative on smart cities, this brief crafts the framework by which to assess future labour market impacts and shifting skill needs that will occur as our cities increasingly leverage technology to grow and change.

Touching on topics including community well-being, connectedness, and advanced mobility solutions among others, this brief shines a light on the concepts that will anchor smart city needs and considerations across Canada; and the disruptions that will influence the demand for both high and lower-skilled occupations and workers.

“Smart cities have all the markings of a strong economic enabler for Canada, in attracting investments, creating jobs, and caring for our environment. We look forward to expanding the discourse in this space with the focus on enabling a shared and sustainable digital future for Canadians in the coming years” – Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

Lastly, with the identification of key pillars like Smart Regulation, Smart Infrastructure and others, along with the development of the Smart City Labour Readiness Index that can be used to measure progress and capacity based on unique city needs and attributes, ICTC lays the groundwork for a smart future and economy that is based in diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity.

For questions or media inquiries, please contact Stephanie Wilson, Senior Director, Digital Transformation & Strategic Outreach at [email protected].

The brief is available here.

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