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Shaping Canada’s Aspirations for a Competitive 2030 Digital-Based Economy

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Today, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and IT World Canada (ITWC) are joining forces to shape the policy discourse on Canada’s vision for an advanced digital-based economy by 2030.

Canada is witnessing a new era of industrialization, global trade, environmental trends, fierce competition, and socioeconomic shifts that are profoundly shaping the face of business while unlocking greater value for the economy and the society. At the heart of this changing landscape are transformative technologies that are disrupting traditional markets and empowering a new era of global business enablement for both industry and government.

ITWC & ICTC will be launching a Pan-Canadian policy forum titled Digital Canada 2030 to explore potential insights to inform enterprises, entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, educators, and job seekers on Canada’s prospects in the coming years. The themes explored will include: the makings of a competitive digital infrastructure; the evolving landscape of digital trade; the changing nature of work; the construct of sustainable cities; advancements in digital health; the merits of an agile academic system; and, the need for responsive digital governance.

For more details on this discussion, please consult the following ICTC positioning paper or on the website.

“The next decade will be critical for determining Canada’s aspirations in a global context,” says Namir Anani, ICTC President and CEO. “Shaping Canada’s digital future for 2030 is pivotal for fostering sustainable businesses, attracting investment, and advancing Canada’s socioeconomic prospects in the coming years.“

“Too often we see planning cycles that last only a year or two,” says ITWC President Fawn Annan. “It’s understandable given the rapid change we face, but this initiative provides the opportunity for everyone to take a step back and look at the larger picture of where we’re going – or where we want to go.”

ICTC & ITWC has begun targeting invitees and seeking the participation of key leaders from across Canada to help shape this discourse and set a clear vision for Canada in the coming years. The first of these discussions is planned for September 2020 in Ottawa.

To be part of this initiative please connect with:

Kevin Wennekes, Chief, Strategic Outreach Officer, ICTC at [email protected]


Steve Proctor, VP Communications, ITWC at  [email protected]

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