Canadian ICT Employers Connect with over 100 Skilled Global Candidates

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On Wednesday, March 30, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) held their second virtual career fair, bringing together Canadian employers and skilled talent from around the world. With a total of 43 HR staff and CEOs from highly regarded Canadian companies across the nation, and over 100 international candidates, the opportunity for networking was endless.

Canadian employers were given access to a targeted group of internationally educated professionals (IEP) who have experience and education in information and communications technology (ICT), and are also in their last stage of immigration.  Subsequently, they were successful in connecting with talent that either met or surpassed their desired skill sets, ensuring they remain prosperous in a highly competitive digital economy.

As a result of the networking that took place at the career fair, employers had the chance to interview and hire candidates pre-arrival. Of all the employers who participated in the career fair, the majority of them found the candidates to be qualified for their job openings.

“Without having taken part in a virtual career fair in the past, ICTC’s staff provided a well laid out system to help us find the quality candidates that we are seeking. In a matter of hours, our live recruiters had spoken with many excellent candidates and received even more resumes to review over the next few days.  The resources that were provided to us not only helped grow our organization, but also helped enhance the career of talented international prospects, and we are very satisfied with outcome that we reached.” – iTechtions INC.

IEPs who attended the career fair also benefited greatly from the unique opportunity by being able to connect with a large group of Canadian employers at one time and place. In turn, they gained insight on the jobs available in various provinces thus increasing their overall awareness of Canada’s labour market. For many IEPs, this broadened their knowledge of the city they were planning to land in, or helped them decide where they might like to settle.

Many candidates who attended the virtual career fair were also able to set up virtual and in-person interviews as well as gain new connections, and pre-arrival support from community agencies.

“I want to express my deep satisfaction and happiness the way the virtual career fair was organized. I have been in IT for a decade and never have experienced such fruitful networking or an opportunity based virtual fair. My interview is already setup for the 5th of April in Montreal. I am amazed by the level of volunteerism and cooperation showed by the members of each organization I talked to.” – Sheryar Nizar, Philippines

ICTC plans to hold another virtual career fair in the future.  To be notified on ICTC’s upcoming events, sign up for their mailing list at


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