Career Connect Success Story: The Career Connect program gave me the boost I needed to be a part of the professional market

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Having been born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I was given a clear perspective on life, as family, commitment and hard work were all core values instilled from a young age.

In Caracas, career prospects in software engineering was an occupation with a double-edged sword – well valued but overly abundant in terms of candidates. Despite this, I gained much experience in computer engineering throughout my six years term as a Java Programmer, after which I moved to the title of Java Team Leader and an Oracle consultant.

Although Quebec had always drawn my attention with its cultural richness and growing IT market, I knew it would be difficult to obtain a position of equivalent standing. In fact, based on my previous and extensive research, landing a job in Montreal, particularly in software engineering and development was far from being a simple task. For that reason, I began looking intensively for a job a few months before arriving in the city. Fortunately, I was put into contact with Abacus Talent’s team who, by the means of Career Connect program, employed me full-time to conduct work on a number of internal and external projects.

After a few weeks, I had been formally oriented, integrated, and hired to work as a java programmer. During the past few months, I have been creating user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Java based components and interfaces. Not only was I able to obtain a job in my field, but I also found one that has been helping me grow professionally and competitively in the Canadian market. It has also given me the chance to develop one of people’s most valuable assets: professional experience.

The Career Connect program gave me the boost I needed to be a part of the professional market in Montreal, and I am certain I am on the right path to continue on my road to success.

Post by: Alexander Bustamante

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