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CyberTitan 2020 National Competition News and Developments

By 11 March 2020 No Comments

The CyberTitan III National Finals are officially on the way! In two short months, the top ten CyberTitan teams from this year’s round of competition will compete in a head to head cybersecurity operation. Mark your calendars for the CyberTitan III National Finals on May 4th, 2020, in Ottawa, Ontario. Hosted at the KPMG offices with a theme of Hedge Fund 2020, it’s only fitting that it takes place in the heart of the city, Ottawa’s financial district. This year’s challenge is no cakewalk, just ask Competition Chief Ian Trump:

The Hedge Fund’s servers process millions of buy and sell orders for hundreds of thousands of Canadians in real-time! The wealth of Canadian investors in the housing, currency, oil & gas and manufacturing bond market is sure to attract the attention of crafty cyber criminals looking to compromise the trading platforms. Thwarting the cyber criminals’ footholds into the hedge fund’s systems is the name of this year’s cyber game.

With ten teams competing and only one team winning, students will have to be on their A-game if they want to be the CyberTitan III National Champions! There is more to this exciting opportunity than just the competition, as our teams will be attending a cybersecurity summit and awards gala! Who will be the winner? Who is attending the summit? What awards are there to be won?  Keep watching for another announcement coming soon!

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To express your interest in supporting the CyberTitan teams and to learn more about the summit and awards programs, please contact Diana Barbosa, Director, Education & Standards, at [email protected].

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