Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Spectrum

✓ Does your workplace support creativity, innovation, and the next generation of leaders?

✓ Are you considered to be a highly performing organization of choice?

A diverse and inclusive workplace increases creativity and innovation, fosters teamwork, and generates higher levels worker productivity and profitability!

ICTC’s EDI Spectrum Quiz can help your build a stronger, more successful organization.

EDI Spectrum

ICTC’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Spectrum helps small to medium size organizations understand how “ready” they are to become more inclusive and innovative organizations.

Completing the EDI Spectrum Quiz identifies a company’s Stage of EDI readiness. The quiz results and an accompanying EDI report helps companies develop and/or review strategies that can guide them along the journey to improved resiliency and profitability.

Women are an important talent pool and represent almost half of working-age Canadians. ICTC research indicates that women’s participation in the digital workforce, however, is still less than 30%. ICTC’s EDI Spectrum’s aim is to help companies address systemic barriers and to improve the attraction, retention, and advancement of women in the digital economy.


Diversity in the workplace makes good business sense, according to research from around the world and across sectors, including findings in the McKinsey & Company report, Delivering through diversity, which surveyed 1000 companies across 12 countries.

Businesses that are more diverse are:

  • more likely to outperform their peers
  • twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes
  • generate and foster fresh insights, new ideas and creative solutions
  • draw on the full talents of their organizations and people, leading to higher employment satisfaction


Here are the Six EDI Spectrum Stages:

Stage 1: Learning (0-19) – Getting started!

➢ Companies may have programs in place but are not experiencing change.

Stage 2: Opportunity (20-39) – Opportunity knocks!

➢ Some actions and/or practices are in place that contribute to (but not specifically geared for) gender balance/diversity.

Stage 3: Growth (40-59) – Had to do it!

➢ Programs are implemented to satisfy legal or other compliance requirements.

Stage 4: Maturity (60-79) – It’s a priority!

➢ Gender strategy are in place with action planning and leadership reinforcement—a critical step toward becoming an inclusive workplace.

Stage 5: Excellence (80-99) – Cooperative team focus on inclusion!

➢ Gender strategy is successfully implemented as part of a larger commitment to inclusion (integrated into the overall business plan, daily actions, planning, and perceptions).

Stage 6: Gold Standard (100-120) – It’s how we do business!

➢ A sustainable, on-going commitment to inclusion is entrenched in the company culture.

How ICTC’s EDI Process Works

  • The EDI Quiz has 40 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete
  • The Quiz results become instantly available for client download *
  • After completing Quiz, the client is sent an email with the following:
    • Overall Quiz score
    • Stage on EDI Spectrum
    • EDI Quiz Score Summary
      • Showing the quiz score achieved in each of six sections
    • EDI Spectrum Summary Report (pdf attachment to the email)
      • The Summary report discusses the company’s current Stage on ICTC’s EDI Spectrum
      • The “Current and Next Steps” section of the report show the client what actions are available to move to next Stage on the EDI Spectrum
  • Clients can access their information anytime to review their Quiz results or start a new Quiz

Take our EDI Spectrum Quiz today!

* Quiz results are anonymous, and data collected will be used in aggregate for reporting purposes only.

For more information email: [email protected]

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