Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Spectrum

What it is

ICTC’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Spectrum is an assessment tool developed for Canadian companies to help them better understand where they are located on the EDI Spectrum and to discover how prepared they are to move to the next stage of their journey to become a more EDI responsive organization.

Upon completing the brief 10-minute assessment, the EDI Spectrum provides a Summary Report that defines the necessary strategies and tactics needed to achieve Diversity and Inclusion within their company.

Quiz results are anonymous and data collected will be used only in aggregate form for reporting purposes.

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Why it matters

  • Will help your organization support diversity, creativity, innovation, and the next generation of leaders
  • Can assist your company in attracting diverse sources of talent
  • Can position your firm as a diverse and inclusive organization of choice

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace creates a more welcoming environment that fosters teamwork and higher levels of performance, creativity and innovation.

Many companies are either at the starting point or initial stages of establishing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in their organization and may not yet know enough about how to proceed.

ICTC’s EDI Spectrum helps companies establish a starting point to examine and identify where they are on the EDI Spectrum and provides a Summary Report that will help establish a plan to move to the next stage.

Who is eligible

The EDI Spectrum was created for small to medium sized organizations and it is available to employers in all provinces and territories.

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