Fourth Industrial Revolution: Inspiring Unfettered Innovation

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Inspiring Unfettered Innovation is ICTC’s most recent policy paper examining the impacts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will have a significant impact on our society, our economy and our everyday lives. The Revolution centres in part around the IoT’s devices communicating with each other – machine-to-machine – independent of human interaction and the ability to build in automated responses, analytics, and intelligence. These associated technologies – automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence – multiplied across billions of connected IoT devices create new opportunities and challenges. Just as employers can increase productivity of workers, automate repetitive tasks, and maximize efficiencies, workers and future workers will need to adapt to new skills and leverage new technologies. IoT is all about data – the new modern currency. Organizations that can collect, analyze, and act rapidly on new levels of information will hold significant advantages over their competitors. To do that, they will need efficient systems, skills workers and strong cyber security.

For Canada to be competitive and growing in this period of transition, just as with the introduction of mobile devices or the internet to society, we will need to strengthen the skills of our workers. Not only will there be significant growth in areas of specific technological skills, but a need for workers to have strong skills in data, computer science, and cybersecurity in roles like sales, marketing, office management, and retail.

Our opportunities lie in a strong education system that trains and prepares workers for success in tomorrow’s workplace, and to capitalize on new technologies by marshalling our collective strengths. In the IoT world, the use of open systems, open source software, and open data, Open Innovation can be an area of strength and opportunity. As technologies seek to integrate and collaborate, there are opportunities for intra-and-inter-sector collaboration to build greater value and outcomes. Marshalling towards open culture in the face of changing global mobility and trade, Canada should be using mechanism of Open for growth. Through Innovation Clusters, collaborative R&D, and open data, Canada can advance new opportunities and grow our economy faster and more effective through altruistic activities. Open Innovation will be critical for Canada to compete globally, capitalize on the various sectors and seek long-term benefit as we compete globally to provide the best goods and service, and a higher quality of life for our country.

For more detail and information, see ICTC’s paper, “Inspiring Unfettered Innovation

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