Gender balance in the workplace: We’re in this together!

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ICTC was proud to set Advancing Technology Women (ATW) in motion with Kickoff Events, hosted by New Flyer Industries and Kruger Products, which brought together industry leaders to discuss the attraction, retention and advancement of women in the tech field.

One of the key themes that emerged from the events is that gender balance in the workplace is NOT just a women’s or HR issue – it’s a business imperative requiring a diversity of perspectives.  After meeting and speaking with champions from a variety of industries in different areas of the country, the consensus is clear – women AND men need to be part of the solution, and it must be supported by senior leaders.  With men currently holding a majority of the decision-making positions, having a well-rounded approach is crucial to building an inclusive workforce.  Enabling supportive networks & communities within the workplace may include men as well as women change agents that can provide practical and timely advice on-the-job and help overcome barriers in the workplace.

3 Key Themes discussed at the events are highlighted below – Click here for the full article including ways you can begin to address the themes. 

 1. Industry engagement during middle- & high-school years is critical to the pipeline – Building and nurturing a diverse talent community while branding your organization as an “employer of choice” with youth will help feed the pipeline!

2. Creative HR practices are needed to foster workplaces that meet personal and professional needs  Ensure there are channels through which life events can be adequately supported, and offer employees opportunities appropriate to the situation.

3. Active & engaged leadership is imperative Practices must be inherent in the company’s culture from the top-down, and the same encouragement given to employees must be given to leaders!

If you’ve heard some of this before, you may be wondering… what makes the ATW project different? Read about how TIMING, CONNECTIONS, THE FOCUS, and ADAPTING RESOURCES are all critical elements that make ATW unique!

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