CyberTitan is a Canadian cybersecurity education initiative that promotes education and awareness in technology education.

Ottawa, ON – The national competition finals for CyberTitan, a Canadian cybersecurity education initiative delivered by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), took place in Ottawa, Ontario on May 14th at KPMG’s LLP downtown location. Ten teams of middle school and high school students from across Canada competed in the second annual CyberTitan National Finals.

CyberTitan is focused on promoting technology education awareness and fostering excellence in students pursuing careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas. It seeks to prepare the next generation of students with the skills necessary to protect our governments, industries, and individuals from global cyber security threats.

The competition began with 189 CyberTitan Teams (over 1,000 cyber ninjas) vying to earn 1 of 10 coveted spots for an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in the CyberTitan National Finals. Not only were our CyberTitan teams competing against each other for a spot in the finals, they were also competing against approximately 5,000 teams globally for the CyberPatriot finals that took place in April.

After spending more than 18 hours competing over 4 months while also learning practical and important technical, business and cybersecurity skills, 10 teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick emerged as the CyberTitan finalists.

The teams competed in an 9-hour competition using a cruise ship disaster simulation. Teams were judged on two components: Digital Forensics Response and Vulnerability Management.

CyberTitan II – Final Results

 1. Haig Tech Support Earl Haig Secondary School
North York, ON
Coach: Sacha Noukhovitch
2. Astral Sisler High School
Winnipeg, MB
Coach: Charles Bazilewich
3. Red Enclave Sisler High School
Winnipeg, MB

Coach: Robert Esposito

4. Olympians A Old Scona Academic
Edmonton, AB
Coach: Dee Elder
5. Saints St. Malachy’s Memorial High School
Saint John, NB
Coach: Ryan Murphy
6. LIFO Burnaby South Secondary School
Burnaby, BC
Coach: Eddie Wong
7. Multiply and Surrender William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute
North York, ON
Coach: Valentina Krasteva
8. Cyber Knights I Moncton High School
Moncton, NB
Coach: Toller Pope
9. Falcontech Terabytches Centre Wellington District High School
Fergus, ON
: Timothy King
 10. Eagles 3 Bliss Carman Middle School
Fredericton, NB
Coach: Scott Parks

ICTC’s goal is to continue to develop Canada’s future technology executives, global leaders and entrepreneurs by continuing to deliver world-class education opportunities to youth in cyber security.

Growing the CyberTitan initiative year over year will only help position Canada as global leader in cyber security.

 CyberTitan II is offered in affiliation with the [US] Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program. We would like to extend an extra special thank you to our National Platinum Sponsor – the Communications Security Establishment and to the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces, Octopi Managed Services, Hacker Highschool and MindBridge Ai for helping us plan, develop and implement the competition.  We would also like to thank our National Silver Sponsor IBM for their support and to ICTAM, KPMG, Clearcable Connects, Loudmouth Security, Ottawa Police Association, Ottawa Police Services, ExcelITR, 2Keys Corporation and Pythian/ whose contributions also helped make CyberTitan II possible. And to our national program ambassadors: New Brunswick Education and Early Childhood Development, Opportunities New Brunswick and CyberNB, thank you for building awareness! Lastly, thank you to ICTC’s Leadership Council on Cyber Security Youth & Education for their guidance in our cybersecurity education initiatives.

How to get involved in CyberTitan 2020

For this national learning initiative to flourish and grow next year, ICTC is calling for more students and coaches to enroll, technical mentors to help facilitate the program across Canada, and sponsors and supporters to help position Canada as a leader within the global context of this competition. We especially would like to encourage all-girls teams to enter – greater female participation is a core objective of all ICTC initiatives and is key to ensuring Canada’s digital future. Please click the links above or visit for more information.


About Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

ICTC seeks to empower Canadian youth through innovative programs that promote 21st century skills, digital literacy, entrepreneurship, cyber, emerging trends, & technology in education. With exemplary programs like Focus on Information Technology (FIT) and CyberTitan, ICTC is able to provide the building blocks and pathways for youth to fully participate in the digital economy and for educators to support the future workforce. Furthermore, ICTC is a not-for-profit centre of expertise for the digital economy. Through trusted research, innovative talent solutions, and practical policy advice, ICTC fosters innovative and globally competitive Canadian industries empowered by a talented and diverse digital workforce to strengthen Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy.

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