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Heightening the Digital Policy Agenda for Canada

By 6 July 2017 No Comments

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and Canada’s Digital Policy Forum (CDPF) are pleased to announce an amalgamation advancing primary research, analysis, and public policy recommendations in support of Canadian competitiveness in the global digital economy. This collaboration will see Jeremy Depow, Founder and Executive Director of CDPF, join ICTC as Vice President of Policy and Research.

To support an expanded policy agenda, a permanent Cross Sectoral Digital Policy Joint Undertaking (CSDP JU) is also being established to provide advice and counsel. The CSDP JU will consist of members representing the private sector, government, civil society, academia and other subject matter experts..

As an evidence-based and neutral policy advisor, ICTC will heighten its specialized knowledge and informed perspectives on digital policy in support of government and business decision makers. Through primary quantitative and qualitative research, the scope of activities will include measuring the digital socio-economic environment and innovation advancements, formulating and recommending policy solutions for Canada to take full advantage of ongoing global digital transformation. We are particularly excited about our soon to be released Innovative Climate Index white paper. The Index represents the first step in our new Canadian Digital Innovation Measure that aims to meaningfully evaluate Canada’s digital innovation performance.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from the policy development community that Canada needs a neutral advisor, anchored in digital policy. We must come up with the ideas that will allow our citizens to gain the full benefits of digital transformation. This partnership is the perfect synergy and greatly scales up our policy and research work in support of that objective,” says Jeremy Depow.

“Offering neutral and practical policy advice is key for accelerating Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy. We are very delighted to have Jeremy Depow join the ICTC team and community to heighten the digital policy agenda for Canada in collaboration with the Cross Sectoral Digital Policy Joint Undertaking (CSDP JU)” said Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO