ICTC Brings Industry Leaders to Guide ICT Newcomers

By 4 March 2016 No Comments

ICTC’s Program Manager of the IWES program, Maureen Ford led the IT Sector Hub at the 13th Annual Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) Conference on Friday, February 26. She functioned as the facilitator of both the morning and afternoon panels for the IT Sector Hub. The morning panel consisted of individuals from academic, regulatory and association organizations while the afternoon panel represented IT employers.  The day began with Jon Lyndon of LinkedIn taking the IEP’s through a “teach piece /skill building session,” on how to build an effective and professional online profile, which enables them to connect and network within their area of work. There were approximately 150 IEPs in the room, from all around the world, whose specialties fall within the ICT sector, including the participants of ICTC’s IWES program’s current intake.


“The IEP Conference is a unique Canadian initiative for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) taking interactive learning, economic development, and stakeholder awareness to unprecedented levels. Every participant can engage in a myriad of career and personal development experiences guided and encouraged every step of the way by subject matter experts from licensing bodies, educational institutions, professional associations, skilled facilitators and successful IEPs. Hundreds of previous attendees herald this free event for IEPs as a “not to be missed” initiative, offering an innovative, highly focused and productive platform for converting career dreams into practical action plans for rewarding employment.” – PCPI

The energy in the room, both morning and afternoon, was one of excitement and anticipation. The panelists had all the attendees laughing and engaged throughout the day. The IWES participants, along with all the other IEPs, had the opportunity to not only gain a sense of the IT industry and it’s hiring practises here in Canada, but to meet and network with potential employers. Additionally, they were able to hear what employers in IT look for and require when employing for their organizations. They gathered a great deal of valuable information and practical advice to forward their Canadian journey towards economic success and a thriving career in IT.

ICTC wishes to thank all the panel members who contributed to make it a successful day. We look forward to seeing all of the success it brings those who attended.

Panel Members:

  • Praveen Kumar – 2i Solutions
  • Aneela Zaib – Emergitel
  • Amin Panjwani – Execute Strategy Inc.
  • John Campbell – Experis
  • Sheri Ladoucier – Humber College
  • Anne Bloom – LG Electronics
  • Jon Lyndon – LinkedIn
  • Andrew Reddin – NPower Canada
  • Bjoern Kingsley – Rubicomm
  • Salah Sharieh – Ryerson University
  • Marc Lijour – Savoir-faire Linux
  • Denis Gravelle – Seneca College
  • Ted Maulucci – Tridel