ICTC Brings you a Diverse Talent Pool of IEPs

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There has been a lot of publicity recently surrounding the need for a more diverse workforce in Canada’s influencing sectors, and there is concrete validation behind this. According to ICTC’s Labour Market Intelligence, there is simply not enough Canadian-born talent to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand for ICT professionals. It has been estimated that there will be approximately 182,000 ICT positions to fill by 2019. (See full report) This forms a dire need to bring in Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) in order to maintain a solid ICT workforce.

ICTC’s Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) is a bridge training program that puts IEPs through 3 weeks of full-time training plus 3 months of coaching to prepare them for employment in the Canadian ICT workforce. Upon completing the program, candidates become well versed in career management, social/cultural/economic integration and self-awareness and confidence. They also gain a strong sense of community connection, which aids their transition into the workforce. The current talent pool of IEP`s who graduated from IWES possess varying specializations. Some of these areas include: QA Testers, Software/Web Developers, Database Analysts, Network Administrators, Telecom Specialists and Project/IT Managers.

As mentioned on the IWES main page, the IEPs taking part in IWES are strong ICT candidates. They have been screened, trained and prepared to integrate into your workplace with insights on Canadian workplace culture and communication, as well as recent business, networking and volunteer experience.

Many companies in ICT and other industries have chosen to employ IWES graduates, and experienced great success in doing so.  Ensure Canada’s ICT advantage and your company’s success by integrating innovative and prepared talent. By becoming an IWES employer, you obtain the first opportunity to review the IEP’s resumes, set up interviews and hire them to your team if you desire.

Click here to learn more about the program or contact the IWES team at 416-649-1639 or [email protected].

The Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) program is an employment preparation program for newcomer IT/ICT professionals seeking to continue their career in Canada. The program is funded by the Government of Ontario.