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ICTC Digital Pulse — April 1

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Oil and gas workers may find 'gold mine' of jobs in Calgary tech sector

The skills needed for oil and gas jobs translate well into the tech world, and many people only need a course or two to upgrade. Some businesses are offering to help pay for those courses, or offer the training themselves. There are also grants available to assist with that. “Every single company cites the same problem: talent, talent, talent,” said Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary Economic Development. “We have about 2,000 jobs open, today for software engineers, data scientists, coders, programmers — and then we have all of these unemployed people.”

CBC: Transit, tech sector, education key to Waterloo region growth, mayors say

From transit and transportation to the tech sector and neighbourhood development, Waterloo region’s mayors say it’s no surprise the area is one of the fastest growing in the country. New numbers from Statistics Canada show Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo make up the second-fastest growing census metropolitan area in Canada.

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