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ICTC Digital Pulse — April 15

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ITWC: 7 technologies Hong Kong is using to build a smart city

Hong Kong has been developing multiple technology-driven government projects as part of a “Smart City Blueprint” created in December 2017.  The plan has goals in six major areas: mobility, living, environment, people, government, and economy. Now, much of that work is culminating in rollouts and implementations in several different areas simultaneously.

New York Times: Canada Joins the World in a Social Media Crackdown

On the same day that Ms. Gould spoke in Canada, a parliamentary committee in Britain released proposals for reining in social media companies, something that embattled Prime Minister Theresa May has said is a key priority. This week’s Trans Canada and Around The Times highlights were compiled by Lindsey Wiebe, the Canada audience growth editor. It’s “Very likely that Canadian voters will encounter some form of foreign cyber interference” in the election this October, according to a report by Canada’s electronic eavesdropping and security agency.

SanFrancisco Chronicles: ‘They don’t like Canadians’: New border obstacle for high-skilled workers

Canadians seeking to renew documents used for intracompany transfers have until recently applied at airports and border stations staffed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The border agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, is now directing Canadians to file renewals for L-1 visas with a different agency, Citizenship and Immigration Services, in a far more cumbersome process, according to an email sent by a border officer in Toronto obtained by The Chronicle.