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ICTC Digital Pulse — April 8

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IT Business: Who are the best tech employers in Canada? LinkedIn has the answers

Among the top 25 were Shopify Inc. (#8), Bell Canada (#11), Telus Corp. (#14), International Business Machines Corporation (#15), Inc. (#16), Inc. (#17), Alphabet Inc. (#25).

CIC News: Canadian tech group welcomes move to make Global Talent Stream permanent

Canada’s Global Talent Stream pilot has been a “game-changer” for high-growth Canadian startups and the federal government’s proposal to make it permanent would be a welcome move, the Council of Canadian Innovators says.

National Post: Seeing the smart city: Mapping technologies in Canada

One thing about smart cities that makes them a challenging topic to engage with is their slippery definition. Another challenge is the inability to visualize them and understand the ubiquity of their reach. This is propagated by technology firms that often fail to share details of their products or their implementation and use by cities.

Globe and Mail: Fintech innovation – an imperative for the success of Canada’s financial sector

The financial services industry is being transformed on a global scale and technology is driving innovation in all elements of the business. From providing new alternatives in financial technology, or fintech, to customers to driving cost efficiencies in their operations, financial institutions need access to a world-class pool of talent to drive success in the future.