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ICTC Digital Pulse — February 11

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Betakit: Canada needs to do better on leading AI innovation says Trudeau

The talk with the Prime Minister took place at the 131st annual Toronto Region Board of Trade Dinner, held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Thursday night. The focal points of the evening’s events were tech, innovation and the future of the Toronto region. “Now is the time where a lot of people are seeing changes and disruption, and feel a lot of anxiety about their future and their kids’ future,” said Trudeau, “We’re going to see an increasing reliance on technology, computer programming, and artificial intelligence. These are the things we need to continue to invest in and focus on.”

Comment from ICTC: “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to accelerate innovations while shaping the future of work for Canadians, ICTC recognizes the enormous potential of A.I on our economy and labour market and is currently undertaking a pivotal research with key leaders from across the country to shape and A.I future for Canada that works.”

CBC: Cybersecurity expert briefs parties on protecting themselves during election campaign

One of Canada’s top cybersecurity experts says he’s been quietly giving the main political parties threat briefings in the lead-up to the upcoming federal election. “It’s an ongoing conversation,” Scott Jones, head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security within the Communications Security Establishment, told CBC News in an interview. “The fact is that everything we do, it’s being recorded and it’s online, it needs to be thought of. Taking action to protect social media accounts, taking action to protect your online presence and leveraging the best available commercial defences makes a big difference,” he said Thursday.

Financial Post: A robot in every factory: The $230-million bid to help automate Ontario’s manufacturing sector

The effort to jumpstart the growth of Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector, such that even cookie factories and printing shops could soon be using robots and self-driving vehicles, started in earnest around December 2016. Fast foward 2 years, the Liberal government has signed on to the idea, entrusting $230 million to a non-profit in southern Ontario to build next-generation manufacturing capabilities.

ITWC: It’s not too late to build a Canadian advantage in technology

Once again, Canada seems to see its future as a branch-plant economy. This time it is in the digital world, where we are turning to Big Tech from abroad rather than working to build a Canadian advantage to exploit our talent and research. The convergence of many new technologies – for example, 5G and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, energy-efficient buildings and carbon-free systems – will create huge opportunities to transform our cities, making them smart, sustainable, more affordable, healthier and more liveable.