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ICTC Digital Pulse — February 4

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MobileSyrup: These researchers have created an AI-powered robotic knee for amputees

University researchers from across the U.S. have created robotic prosthetics that are supported by artificial intelligence to enable wearers better control and movement. The AI system uses trial-and-error to determine various parameters, such as stiffness of the robotic knee joint or the range of motion of swinging a leg back and forth. In response, the leg is able to adapt to the human’s individual needs and function more efficiently.

ITWC: IDC event gives glimpses of the post-2020 workplace

In survey data shared with the audience from IDC’s Future of Work survey released in November 2018, workplaces around the globe are focused on the employee experience of the future. As more automation takes hold and more tasks are offloaded from human hands and into that of an artificial intelligence algorithm, almost half of employers are looking at ways they can address reskilling and training employees, as well as fostering more employee collaboration. While retraining will be a new part of work life for most, and automation will mean the end of it for others, many will have their capabilities augmented by technology.

Techvibes: Canada Takes Steps for Digital Integrity During 2019 Election

One of the main outcomes of this action from the government is the implementation of a Critical Election Incident Public Protocol, which is a non-partisan process that can alert Canadians to serious threats for the integrity of the upcoming election. “Protecting our democratic institutions is a priority for the Government of Canada, including safeguarding the integrity of this year’s federal election. In the heated partisanship of an election campaign it is critical to have a trusted authority with the credibility, respect and non-partisan credentials necessary to publicly identify activity that is aiming to pervert the course of our democracy.” — Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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