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ICTC Digital Pulse — June 17

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CBC: Despite labour shortages, Nova Scotia's ocean tech sector is booming

They are part of Nova Scotia’s growing ocean tech sector, which is quietly designing, building and selling products in Canada and around the world. The cluster of companies is marked by double-digit growth and the development of a local supply chain that produces many of the sophisticated components that go into a long list of specialized products.

CTV News: Canadian charity hopes to bring high tech smartphone ultrasound to rural Africa

Diagnostic imaging tools such as x-rays and ultrasounds are considered necessities by Canadian frontline health-care workers. Dr. William Cherniak, an emergency room doctor at Markham Stouffville Hospital, hopes to change that by providing frontline workers with a portable ultrasound device, called Butterfly IQ, which attaches to a smartphone to provide on-the-spot diagnostic imaging.

MobileSyrup: Tech-Access Canada awards 17 new research centres

Tech-Access Canada, a network of research centres, announced that it awarded 17 new Technology Access Centres (TACs), bringing the total number of centres to 47. The TACs are research and development centres that partner with colleges. Each TAC serves a specific area and focus. The centres aim to strengthen the industrial sector of the region it is in.

VOX: Foreign tech workers are turning to Canada as US immigration becomes more difficult

The tech industry in the US is booming. Foreign interest in tech jobs is not. That’s because, despite the country’s acute need for highly skilled tech workers, its immigration system has become increasingly unwelcoming. Since the beginning of 2018, the share of interest from abroad in US tech jobs has remained about the same, according to new data from the global job listing site Indeed, but by most accounts, it should be growing.

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