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ICTC Digital Pulse — June 3

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[Department for Women and Gender Equality] New federal investment will help improve women's economic security in Ottawa

Minister Monsef announced federal funding of over $2.77 million for seven projects that will improve economic security for women in Ottawa. Today’s projects are seven of the more than 45 approved under the Women’s Program in two calls for proposals entitled, Support for Women’s Economic Security and Addressing the Economic Security and Prosperity of Indigenous Women. These projects will build on ongoing efforts to support women’s economic empowerment and advance gender equality for all Canadians.

[Leafy] How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies

The once covert operations—meant to keep cannabis cultivation under police radar—can be credited with creating innovative farming techniques that curb agricultural waste and save on natural resources like space and water. Sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming practices may not have been the initial goal, but are among the unintended side effects of cannabis prohibition in this country. Essentially, the legacy concepts pioneered by cannabis growers have been adopted by people and companies growing other produce indoors with outstanding results.

[Toronto Star] Canada pushes for action on tech giants

On Monday, an extraordinary international gathering of legislators will come together in Ottawa to conduct hearings into the impact of the platform data-opolies, such as Facebook and Google, on the privacy and democratic rights of their citizens. In addition to Zuckerberg, key representatives from Google, Amazon and Twitter will testify, along with a number of international experts on the platforms, including early Facebook investor Roger McNamee, and author and Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff.

[CBC] Technology for women's health is booming. These doctors are using it to increase access to care

Technology focused on women’s health has ‘huge potential,’ says WHO medical officer. Dr. Roopan Gill studied for nearly a decade to become an obstetrician/gynecologist, but these days she’s most excited about her budding role as a tech entrepreneur to help her female patients. As part of a study, the first phase of which will soon be published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, participants received scheduled text messages with links to articles and information they might find useful following the procedure, as well as access to a website.