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ICTC Digital Pulse – October 15

By 15 October 2018 No Comments

Artificial Intelligence is still biased, just ask Amazon.

Reuters reported, on October 10, that Amazon scrapped their secret recruiting tool that utilizes AI because they found the system taught itself resumes from male candidates are more preferred. The program started in 2014 and was finally got discontinued at the start of last year. Sources said that executives didn’t see a future for the program based on the results. This revelation dramatically emphasizes how imperfect machine learning is currently.

Boston Dynamics: What can’t these robots do?

From Global News, the Massachusetts robotics lab released a video showing the Atlas robot jumping and hopping over obstacles, bringing robots one leap closer to surpass humans in physical abilities. “Atlas, who is five-foot-nine and weighs about 180 pounds, had already shown the world it can do backflips, while the company’s dog-like robot, SpotMini, can open and close doors, walk downstairs and load a dishwasher.” The secretive lab came out earlier this year stating their intention on making commercial security robots. (image from Boston Dynamics)

Canadians’ right to be forgotten

Article from Ottawa Citizen. The Federal Court of Canada may soon decide on whether Canadians have the right to ask search engines to remove old their information from the search result. A Spanish lawyer has successfully argued for his right to be forgotten in the European court, paving the way for the law to be introduced in the recently-released GDPR. The debated is just now starting to pick up in Canada, with the Privacy Commissioner Daniel Thierren said he would support such legislation. However, free speech advocates have argued laws of that kind would be infringing on freedom of expression.