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ICTC Digital Pulse September 24

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Ottawa — September 24, 2018

Ottawa is investigating cyber security threats

On last Wednesday, September 19, the Globe and Mail reported confirming the existence of the probe, but Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale still keeps the operation under wrap. It is said that foreign telecommunications companies who are providing equipment for 5G infrastructure are analyzed to minimize the threats to the country. “We are examining the issue of security in relation to supply chains right across the government very carefully. It is a topic that many countries – our allies in particular – are taking a very close look at and have been for a considerable length of time,” he said. “We have not arrived at those decisions yet, but obviously we are very sensitive to the issue.” — Mr. Goodale said.

Report from World Economic Forum: By 2025, more than half of labour tasks will be automated

The report estimates 52 per cent of workplace tasks will be done by machines. Also, by 2022 75 million jobs will be lost worldwide by 133 million new jobs will be created. Retraining employees will be among the key challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The report was built on testimonials from executives representing 15 million employees across 20 economies.

Augmented Reality is real at Shopify

The Ottawa-based commerce company announced they’re supporting AR Quick Look, which will allow merchants to upload 3D models of the products and shoppers to view them in real world. It is one of the new features from Apple’s ARKit 2 which is available in iOS 12. Report from TechCrunch.

Public Works and Government Services Canada requests for artificial intelligence provider

A notice posted on is the latest step taken by the government to acquire AI services, reported by ITWC. IPSoft Canada is the first one listed, as the company’s Amelia AI system is advertised to be able to process customer service requests in natural language without the need for human intervention. The Government of Canada CIO Alex Benay talked about the RFP: “I’d like to think we’re one of the most organized governments in the world when it comes to this,” Benay says. “We have an ethical framework that’s coming out in the fall, once this RFP closes.”