ICTC to Explore the Crucial Role of Edtech Procurement

By 2 February 2022 No Comments

Ottawa, Feb 3, 2022—ICTC is proud to announce the fourth installment of ongoing research into Canada’s edtech ecosystem, which will result in ICTC’s second report on technology procurement.

COVID-19 continues to disrupt and shape Canada’s education system, strengthening technology’s role in classrooms and creating new procurement needs. Accordingly, this research will focus on technology procurement by Canadian schoolboards.

ICTC will explore established practices in edtech procurement across Canadian provinces and territories, identifying how procurement policies and strategies differ. This research will also look at common challenges and identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, ICTC will explore innovative procurement practices that are in use internationally and are applicable to Canadian classrooms. The study’s findings will inform a policy roadmap for enhanced edtech procurement in Canada.

This project will bring together a policy roundtable with 25 to 50 edtech procurement stakeholders; 20 key informant interviews with subject-matter experts that are directly involved in edtech procurement and implementation; and a review of procurement practices and strategies currently in use across Canada.

Previous ICTC research has focused on practical applications of educational technology in Canadian classrooms, digital skills and competencies required in education, and the changing nature of e-learning across Canada. Collectively, this research has highlighted a strong need for effective procurement strategies to ensure that administrations, educators, and students have access to the required tools and services for the delivery of effective education.

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For media inquiries or further information about this upcoming research, please contact Paul Stastny at [email protected] or 403.351.0138 Ext. 823.