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Over the course of 2016 and 2017, ICTC will be exploring a series of key policy measures to further strengthen a successful ecosystem of innovation under the banner “Unlocking the Innovation Code”. The first policy paper was released in October 2016 entitled “The talent imperative in a Global Context”. Several other papers are planned to tackle key themes ranging from All things Open, Canadian skills in a digital world, strong fiscal and financial measures, access to international markets, a vibrant R&D base, consumer trust and security online, and more.bad96a29-71a0-4846-966b-a07a9a56ea56

The Talent Imperative in a Global Context – Policy Brief 


  • All Things Open – Inspiring Unfettered Innovations (January 2017)
  • Canada’s Place in an Era of Global Digital Trade (March 2017)



ICTC is currently conducting a study to better understand the labour market potential of Indigenous peoples in ICT and STEM. ICTC has engaged industry, Indigenous associations, thought leaders, policymakers, and educators from across Canada and the Indigenous communities to discuss the strategic measures needed to increase the participation of Indigenous peoples in ICT, STEM, and Canada’s digital economy.



The BC Tech Association (BC Tech), in partnership with ICTC is conducting a labour market forecast and supply study on the availability and suitability of talent, both local, extra-provincial and internationally-sourced. The study will focus on five key technology subsectors: ICT, Interactive and Digital Media, Cleantech, Lifesciences, and Engineering Services. Grounded in a ten-year forecast, the study will ultimately culminate in a report that will predict industry and labour market challenges and opportunities going forward for BC.


Youth Initiatives
Through the Focus on IT (FIT) program, ICTC launched CyberTitan, Canada’s Youth Cyber Education Initiative, a partnership initiative with industry, government and schools across Canada. CyberTitan operates in affiliation with the (US) Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Program which is presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation. CyberTitan is focused on preparing middle and secondary school students with cyber security skills for the digital economy by creating 51070fe4-0d3e-48de-9b93-1436137c5414learning opportunities for students to engage in hands-on simulated environments that develop skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education programs, to learn skills essential to work in many STEM fields, and to identify roles students can play help to secure our systems.

Check out ICTC’s National Cyber Security Leadership Council on Youth and Education 

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), ICTC is researching how best to provide recent graduates with innovation skills to help accelerate their careers while aiding innovation projects in Ontario organizations. This could provide interesting, high-paying jobs for youth as well as help Ontario have a more competitive economy.

The Small Business Digitization Initiative (SBDI) is a training program that connects youth and small businesses together to solve real employer digital adoption challenges. The initiative provides training for in-demand skills to unemployed and underemployed post-secondary students to prepare them for the digital workplace, while providing businesses with enthusiastic and knowledgeable talent to implement smart technology solutions to support their innovation. The initiative is funded by the Government of Ontario and is offered in partnership with Savoir-faire Linux, and Prepr Foundation.


Women in Technology Initiatives

The Advancing Technology Women (ATW) Initiative aims to advance and retain women in technical roles across ICT and STEM disciplines, and throughout industries such as construction, manufacturing, natural resources and skilled trades. Stay tuned for the launch of an exciting NEW tool to help industry understand 98f4957b-b17c-42eb-ade7-1c1c1282c776how “ready” they are to become more diverse and inclusive!

September 28th marked ICTC’s release of the final evaluation report for the Women in Technology (WIT) initiative. In partnership with Status of Women Canada and six delivery partners, the projects have built bridges to increase women’s participation in the digital economy, and continue to generate momentum toward an equal workplace.  Highlights include: the creation and promotion of opportunities for women to develop technical and leadership skills, and take on leadership roles; an effective mentorship network; and addressing human resources (HR) practices, structures, and measures.


Immigration Initiatives

ICTC’s Immigration Initiatives help Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) by providing the essential support needed for newcomers to secure as well as to advance in ICT careers in Canada. For the past 5 years, ICTC’s IT Bridge Training Program called IWES has had a success rate of over 85% of graduates landing jobs, commensurate with experience.14c47276-ec77-4527-9852-9070fc3225cb The next intake of the Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) begins on November 28, 2016.
GO Talent provides employers with early access to global ICT talent on their way to Canada, and assists internationally educated ICT professionals as they prepare to depart their home country. This combined approach directly contributes to the rapid labour market integration of ICT professionals seeking employment in their field.



Check out ICTC’s website for a full list of recent and upcoming events.

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