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ICTC & LinkedIn Collaborate to Better Prepare Canadians for the Future of Work

By 5 February 2019 One Comment

Ottawa — February 5, 2019

Today, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) announced a collaboration with LinkedIn Canada to share labour market data and learning resources to empower Canadians to rapidly transition to high growth sectors of the Canadian economy.

Canada is on the cusp of a new era of global trade, advanced industrialization, and socioeconomic shifts that will markedly change the nature of work in the coming years. The rapid development and adoption of transformative technologies like 5G mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and many others are driving the demand for new skills across all sectors of the Canadian economy. This collaboration will build on ICTC’s industry-driven labour market foresight and learning content, and leverage the full potential of the combined data, insights, and learning solutions offered by LinkedIn to enable a powerful gateway that prepares and connects Canadians with digital jobs.

“We are delighted to grow our collaboration with LinkedIn. This powerful alliance will provide Canadians with targeted insights and learning resources to better prepare them for the digital jobs of tomorrow. Enabling faster employment connections, while leveraging all human capital, is pivotal for creating a globally competitive and inclusive Canadian economy.” – Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

“LinkedIn is thrilled to work with ICTC to support its mission to strengthen Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy. Through learning content, insights and data, we are helping Canadians find and keep good quality jobs while powering the growth of their businesses.” – Jake Hirsch-Allen, Economic Graph and Higher Ed Learning Solutions Lead, LinkedIn

This national thrust will fuel new innovations in employment connections, insights, and learning tools across Canada while heightening ICTC’s current initiatives in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, in addition to the rest of Canada.

For further details, please connect with Kevin Wennekes, Chief, Strategic Outreach Officer at [email protected]

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