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Ottawa, May 30, 2019 — Today, The Information and Communications Technology Council is pleased to publish its policy brief, MVNOs: Embracing the Next Wave of Telecommunication Services to Fuel Tomorrow’s Economy.

With the Canadian economic landscape quickly shifting and diversifying, in large part as a result of digital technology, our businesses must adapt to these changes and continue to seek and drive opportunities for growth, innovation and prosperity. Competition must be at the heart of sustainable and resilient business strategies and practices.

The telecommunications sector is one Canada’s long-standing pillars of the digital economy. It is responsible for substantial revenue generation and employs more than 100,000 Canadians. However, even the most foundational sectors and industries must be able to adapt to new and emerging needs. Increased competition in the telecommunications sector is key, with developments like the introduction of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) into the marketplace being a crucial first step.

“In an ever-changing economy and consumer expectations, our ability as a nation to embrace new approaches to bolster economic activities and societal benefits are critical in the coming years. MVNOs have the potential of unleashing a new breed of affordable and reliable telecommunication services for tomorrow’s economy” – Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

This publication is part of ICTC’s independent policy papers. It explores the merits of MVNOs in fueling Canada’s economy and society; while also seeking to heighten the discourse on the importance of competition as an enabler of innovative telecommunications services to fuel tomorrow’s economy. To read the full paper, click here.

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