ICTC quarterly report: ICT employment robust in face of challenging Canadian jobs market

By 4 June 2014 No Comments

Canada’s ICT sector is bucking the national employment trend, having created 45,000 ICT jobs, and 71,000 jobs in the larger digital economy while the whole Canadian labour market experienced a sizable contraction for a second consecutive quarter. For every seven jobs lost in the overall economy, a new one was created in the digital economy. Without that significant job creation, the plight of the overall Canadian job market would have been graver.

The findings, published today in the Information and Communications Technology Council’s quarterly reporting – Strengthening Canada’s Digital Advantage (SCDA) – bear out our forecast of continued robust growth in the ICT sector.

This quarter’s SCDA features ICTC’s national, provincial and municipal snapshots of ICT employment across Canada, including for youth, women and internationally educated professionals.

Questions about this quarter’s SCDA should be directed to:

Dr. Meenakshi Gupta

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