ICTC Releases Report about Immigrants in Canada’s Digital Economy

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ICTC is pleased to announce the release of Digital Economy Supply: The Immigration Stream, the latest in our digital economy talent supply publication series. Since building a strong talent supply and upskilling the workforce in Canada remain paramount for sustained economic growth, this report examines the labour market impact of immigrants in Canada’s digital economy and the importance of immigration as a competitive advantage for Canada in the global digital economy. This report provides a detailed breakdown of immigrants employed in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) roles and provides specific recommendations on what Canadian policy makers, employers, and educators need to do to secure top international digital talent in the competitive global labour market.

Digital adoption and the rise of transformative technologies such as social media, mobile, apps, analytics, and cloud (SMAAC), Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced manufacturing are increasing the demand for skilled digital talent. In this dynamic, evolving environment immigrants play a vital role in meeting Canada’s digital talent needs as well as driving forward Canada’s competitiveness and innovation. Currently, there are more than 350,000 immigrants employed in ICT jobs in Canada’s digital economy. As talent scarcity increases with demographic shifts, leveraging the diverse pool of immigrant talent will ensure businesses have the skilled people they need to compete in the global digital economy.

Diverse and inclusive businesses are more productive and innovative, translating into real and significant financial gains for businesses and the economy at large. In order to fully leverage the value of global digital talent, industry, policymakers, and educators must come together to address the challenges and barriers facing businesses and newcomer talent. This requires making sure the right policy levers are in place so that Canada secures skilled global talent efficiently.The report will also be available in French soon.

The recommendations in this report build upon ICTC’s National Digital Talent Strategy, Digital Talent – Road to 2020 and Beyond

Read the report and learn more about immigrants in Canada’s digital economy and what needs to be done to more efficiently secure global talent.

For the latest information about ICTC’s National Digital Talent Strategy, click here .

This study was funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.