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ICTC Releases Report on Indigenous Participation in Canada’s Digital Economy

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ICTC is pleased to announce the release of our latest report highlighting Indigenous participation in the Canadian digital economy. With the advent of increased digitization and integration of transformative technologies into various sectors of the Canadian economy, ICTC forecasts an accelerated demand of around 216,000 ICT roles to be filled in Canada by 2021. This heightened demand for ICT talent makes the ability to build and support a robust supply pipeline essential for ensuring continuous economic growth.

While Canada has a strong foundation of experienced professionals as well as recent post-secondary graduates in the ICT sector, forecasts suggest that current supply levels will be insufficient to meet the future demands of the industry. As such, leveraging all human capital will be key going forward.

Indigenous peoples are one of Canada’s fastest growing and youngest demographic groups, representing approximately 4% of the total population. In 2016, 10,300 (1.2% of the Canadian Indigenous population) were employed in ICT roles.  While the engagement of Indigenous peoples in the ICT sector has improved in recent years, accelerating this growth is essential to strengthening the ICT supply pipeline, and in turn, improving economic outcomes for Indigenous communities across Canada. Increasing ICT engagement in Indigenous communities will provide better access to high-quality, high-paying and sustainable jobs.

The findings and recommendations in this report aim to produce an outcome that is twofold: firstly, to support economic development and positive social outcomes among Indigenous communities, through engagement in the digital economy; and secondly, to lay the groundwork for increasing, improving and enhancing the Canadian ICT supply pipeline. Together, these mutually-beneficial outcomes representing diversity and economic progress mark the cornerstone of a Canadian digital economy that is inclusive, and sustainable.

“Canada’s growing young indigenous population is an important talent source for the digital economy. Harnessing the full potential of this talent supply will be paramount in the next number of years” said Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO.

Stressing the importance of diversity and inclusion as the backbone of Canada’s ICT supply pipeline, the recommendations in this report build upon the findings in ICTC’s National Digital Talent Strategy, Digital Talent – Road to 2020 and Beyond, and correspond with the 2017 Federal Budget’s support of the Innovation Economy.

For a detailed understanding of Indigenous participation in the Canadian digital economy, please access the full report here. For any questions, please contact Alexandra Cutean at [email protected].

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