IWES: Helping Over 180 IEPs Find Meaningful Employment!

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The Information and Communication Technology Council’s (ICTC) Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) will help talented Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs), like yourself, become employed and fully integrated into the Canadian workforce.

IWES is an ICTC bridge training program that has experienced great success in helping newcomer Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals to continue their career in Canada. Since its launch in 2010, IWES has helped over 180 people find employment corresponding with their skills and experience within 4 months of program completion.

The program provides you with services which will help you in not only finding a job but building a career and a great life in Canada. This is achieved through intensive employment preparation training in matching your skills and experience with opportunities in Canada’s ICT labour market. Group workshops, meetings, employment counselling, career fairs, customized integration plans, job-readiness preparation, and constant support, are among the many things that participants of IWES will gain access to upon enrolling in the program. ICTC is significantly recognized for their immigration initiatives, which have all shown great success in providing connections, that important step that is needed to find meaningful employment in Canada.

The IWES program is not only designed to help you establish a career but also to assist your overall employment integration process. ICTC wants ICT professionals coming into Canada to be able to gain a sense of community connection with their new country, city and peers. By completing the IWES Program you will be able to hold pride and confidence in your skills, job search and subsequent employment.

“The IWES program was very helpful, useful and leveraged my ability to identify different job search techniques such as social media, writing resumes effectively, how to be ready for interviews through several mock interviews, understand the Canadian job market and workplace culture and apply lessons learned from guest speakers who are professionals in the ICT field.”

  • IWES participant successfully employed as Technical Project Manager in a financial institution 3 months after completing program


The services provided through IWES are one of a kind due to their ICT specific nature, and are guaranteed to provide participants with access to resources that focus on employment in this sector. Registration for the program is ongoing for the next session which begins February 8th, 2016. To register or learn more about the program visit:



The Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) program is an employment preparation program for newcomer IT/ICT professionals seeking to continue their career in Canada. The program is funded by the Government of Ontario.