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Jumpstarting our digital future: the impact of 5G on Canadian jobs and economic growth

By 4 December 2018 No Comments

Ottawa — December 4, 2018

Today, the Information and Communications Technology Council announced the release of its report titled 5G: Jumpstarting our digital future. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, this report provides a deep dive into the impact of 5G on employment, business transformation, and economic growth over the coming years in Canada.

A revolutionary set of technologies driving a new standard of connectivity, 5G will dramatically change our economy and our communities. Whether it’s supporting the safe and effective deployment of driverless vehicles on our roads, the development of smart cities and connected communities, or empowering the business-led innovation superclusters, 5G is destined to make a sizable contribution to Canada’s economy in the coming years.

 “Advanced mobile communications play a pivotal role in Canada’s economy and society. The advent of 5G is set to be the next innovation engine, enabling a new breed of business models and industries to take shape. Being at the forefront of this technology is key to ensuring a strategic advantage in a global economy.” – Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

With an up to 20-times speed boost and near-zero latency, 5G has the potential to serve as a platform for numerous ground-breaking technological developments by ushering in the kind of connectivity that is at the cornerstone of our digital future. From the development of AR-enabled surgeries to advanced analytics powering precision agriculture, or the improvement of supply chain logistics via the creation of a digital twin that can spot bottlenecks before they occur, 5G’s impact on our economy cannot be understated. At the core, 5G is about increasing the volume and velocity of data flows. But it will not just usher in the next generation of connectivity. Rather, 5G will be one of the key enablers that generate the most digitally-backed and connected economy and societies of our time.

At the same time, 5G can fast track Canada’s productivity and GDP growth, as it will allow businesses to improve the way they interact with data and get the most value out of it. These are changes that will also mark the rise of new employment opportunities and skill needs across industries. ICTC estimates that an accelerated auction of the key spectrum by 2019 can generate up to $35 billion in GDP and around 120,000 jobs while maintaining the final auction to 2021 will yield $26 billion in GDP and up to 82,000 jobs by 2030.

This report was funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives program. For a detailed analysis of 5G and its economic and labour market impact on Canada, click here to access the full report. For questions or media inquiries, please contact Stephanie Wilson, Senior Director, Digital Transformation & Strategic Outreach at [email protected].

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