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The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) presents the web site for our visitors’ personal use, including educational and informational purposes. You can view and download material on this site for your personal use. You must retain and observe all of the proprietary and copyright notices on ICTC materials. You are not permitted to use, repost, modify, publish or duplicate ICTC content for commercial or other public use without securing specific written authorization from ICTC.
Terms and Conditions of Use 
Any use of the site is also bound by these terms and conditions below, as well as by the laws of Ontario and Canada . When you browse the site, you have accepted, without qualification or limitation, these terms and conditions of use superseding any other agreements specific or implied, between you and ICTC. If you do not agree with the site terms and conditions, you should not use the site.

  1. You should assume that everything on this site is copyrighted material, unless otherwise noted. This means you cannot use it except as these terms and conditions apply, unless you have obtained written permission from ICTC. For any material on this site supplied by third parties, written permission must be obtained from the lawful copyright owner before it can be used.
  2. ICTC makes reasonable efforts to ensure that information on this site is accurate and current, but ICTC does not take responsibility or liability for omissions or mistakes in site content.
  3. You make use of the site and its content at your own risk. ICTC and any other parties who have participated in the operation or content of this site will not be liable for any damages, direct or other, as a consequence of visiting or using the site or its content. In addition, anything provided to you by this site is provided as is, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of fitness for any purpose, non-infringement of copyright patent or other intellectual property right or law, or merchantability. Similarly, there shall be no liability or responsibility to ICTC for any malicious code that may infect your computer, server or other property as a result of visiting, using or downloading any materials from
  4. If you send any comments, letters, questions or other data to the site, it can be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. This means that anything you send to the site can be used by ICTC for any purpose, including but not limited to publication, broadcast, transmission over networks or other media, discussion and public disclosure. We reserve the right to make use of any comments and suggestions sent by you to the site for any purpose, without obligation to ICTC to provide compensation, acknowledgement or other considerations for such use.
  5. All logos, trademarks and recognizable images of persons and locations are either the property of ICTC, or are used on the site with permission. The re-use of these images by you or any other person is forbidden unless directly permitted by ICTC. Images of persons and places are strongly protected by Canadian and international copyright, privacy, trademark and regulatory body laws and regulations.
  6. Other proprietary symbols, images, and language contained on the site should be assumed to be trademarks of ICTC and others. No site content grants any licence, specific or implied, for the use of trademarked information without you first obtaining the specific written permission of the lawful trademark owner. Any use of trademark content without written permission of the lawful trademark owner is forbidden.


Copyright is a right granted by statute to the author or originator of certain literary or artistic productions, where the author or originator is invested, for a specified period of time, with the exclusive right to do and to authorize a number of acts. It grants the right to make copies and the related right to prevent others from making copies of the work. Copyright protection is utilized as a primary source of protection for traditional published materials as well as computer programs and other works in digital form, which, even when they exist in a form unintelligible to humans, such as object code, are considered to be literary works for the purposes of copyright law.

Permission to Copy 

You may be allowed, without obtaining prior written permission, to use certain images, software or text for advertising, in books and other printed matter, on clothing or other promotional items, online and Internet locations, for public exhibitions or demonstrations, in software applications, in television programs, commercials, movies, and/or video tapes, provided the use is not disparaging. The use must fall within the definition of “fair dealing” or “fair use” as defined under Canadian, U.S. and other applicable international copyright law. No use should mislead the public as to ICTC sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your products or services.
NOTE: Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and other product documentation which accompanies ICTC products to determine what rights are granted to a licensed user of ICTC products. In addition you should consult with your own copyright attorney in determining whether your intended use constitutes “fair dealing” or “fair use,” as applicable.

Use of Text 

Web Content – Not all articles, documents, manuals, help files, white papers or other documents that are contained in web pages are owned by ICTC. ICTC is not the copyright owner of everything that is posted on our web site. If another party is identified as the copyright owner, please contact them directly for permission to use the documentation. If there is no copyright attribution, or if ICTC is identified as the copyright owner, please submit your request to [email protected]
Web Pages – Certain use of text from web pages may not require written permission as the use may be similar to making use of ICTC logos and images.
Product Manuals – If you wish to copy, redistribute or reprint an ICTC product manual, you must submit your request to [email protected]
Other Publications – If you have a copyright question or reprint request with regard to products published by ICTC, please submit your request to [email protected]. Your request should include the following information: ·

Full ICTC publication title

* Author’s name
* Specific pages you wish to reprint (give page numbers)
* Reason for reprint
* Intended audience
If ICTC is identified as the copyright owner, please submit your request to [email protected]

Use of Images and Logos 

Recognizable images of persons, products and locations are either the property of ICTC and or are used on the site with permission. The reuse of these images by you or any other person is forbidden unless directly permitted by ICTC. Images of persons and places are strongly protected by Canadian and international copyright, privacy, trademark and regulatory body laws and regulations.
Photos – Your use of photos included on the ICTC web site may be considered appropriate use and may not require written permission. Please refer to logos and images section for graphic material you can use in various media to depict ICTC products, services and staff. ICTC does not object to third-party use of product shots of our software products in advertising, on documentation, in books and other printed matter, on videotape, in software applications, on World Wide Web pages or in television programs/commercials/movies, so long as the use is not disparaging and falls within the definition of “fair dealing” or “fair use” under international and/or Canadian copyright law, as applicable. You can use ICTC images, provided you do not alter them other than to resize them. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your intended use is appropriate or requires written permission, please check with your copyright attorney. The following guidelines apply for the usage of ICTC photos and product images:

  1. You may not disparage ICTC or any of its products in your use of ICTC photos or graphics.
  2. You should not use our product(s), product name(s), corporate name, product shots or other copyrighted material in a way that would indicate ICTC sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of Your Product.
  3. The ICTC product shot(s) must not be the most prominent visual element. Your Product, company name, logos or graphics should be significantly larger than the size of the ICTC product shot.
  4. You should use only ICTC approved product shots, including the entire product packaging. You may NOT use portions of the graphics, artwork or trade dress from the packaging, nor may you alter the product shots in any way except to resize to fit your needs.
  5. The copyright attribution should state: “reprinted with permission from ICTC Inc.” If any ICTC product is mentioned, the full name of the ICTC product should be used at first and most prominent mention or as soon as practicable thereafter, and the ICTC trademark(s) should be marked as they appear on the ICTC product packaging. A footnote attributing trademark ownership to ICTC should be used.

All other use of product shots of ICTC products requires written permission. Please submit your request in writing with samples, drawings or mock-ups of the product shots showing how you wish to use them.

If you are having difficulty deciding whether your intended use is appropriate you should seek the advice of your own attorney. ICTC will not assist you in making this determination.

Logos – Unless you are licensed by ICTC, you are not permitted to use ICTC logos. If there is a specific logo you are interested in using when featuring ICTC or its products, please contact [email protected]. Or, you may choose to simply refer to an ICTC product.

Use of Software 

Free-For-Download Software – Although certain ICTC products and updates may at times be available free-for-download via, ICTC, as copyright owner, retains its intellectual property rights to said technology. The software files that are posted on and referred to as freely downloadable may be used by you without payment to ICTC; however, unless expressly stated otherwise, they are not free for you to redistribute. You may not redistribute any copyrighted materials without such redistribution being specifically authorized under the accompanying license agreement. Please read the accompanying end-user licence agreement accompanying the software to determine your redistribution rights.

Donations of Product – If you wish to donate ICTC products to another party, please see Licence Transfer, below.

Licence Transfer 

You may donate or transfer an ICTC product to another party provided you comply with the terms and conditions of the end-user licence agreement (EULA) that governs your use of the applicable ICTC product. All transfers of licence, either through a sales transaction or by way of gift or donation, must include all product documentation, product manuals, original disks and licences. Further conditions of transfer may be included in the EULA. The individual or entity transferring the software product and licence should understand that they are giving up all of their rights to the transferred software, including all rights to upgraded versions of the software.


ICTC is implementing Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT)/ Direct Deposit as our new payment method to all vendors. Click here to download the form

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