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LMI Series -Talent Insights for the Digital economy

By 3 December 2015 No Comments

ICTC is pleased to announce the launch of a series of webinars of expert talent insights for the digital economy starting in early 2016. These are aimed at providing an opportunity to dialogue with ICTC domain experts in labour market intelligence and discuss pertinent talent solutions.

Labour Market Information (LMI) is at the very essence of workforce planning and development, and an integral feature of all major evidence-based policy making. While timely labour statistics and trends provide an important snapshot of what is happening in the economy at a national, regional, and local level, the data is not always straightforward to interpret for the average user. The ability to translate data into specific business intelligence, and then propose targeted solutions comes from granular domain knowledge, expert analytics, and years of experience.

Today’s globally connected digital economy requires an in-depth understanding of the technological trends and impacts, an appreciation of capital investment and spend, and a handle on national and international economic trends and policies that among other things may fast track the demand or supply of talent, or result in high competition for labour. ICTC’s national network (industry, education, and policy makers) and advisory groups have been critical in reshaping the LMI needs and in building proprietary methodology for forecasting labour market trends.

The first webinar of this series will be focused on “women in the digital economy“. In this webinar ICTC domain experts will expand on, among many other pertinent insights: the demand and supply of skills and talent, the hiring trends across sectors, geographies, wage trends, demographics, and many other pertinent insights.


Registration deadline: Feb 17, 2016

Stay tuned for forthcoming forecasting publications, webinars, and other updates on our talent solutions.