Meeting Ontario’s Innovation Gap with Highly-skilled Youth

By 31 October 2016 No Comments

The Ontario government, through its Innovation Agenda, has identified the need for more innovation to occur in businesses across the economy in order for the province to compete and succeed in a global marketplace. At the same time, recent post-secondary graduates face the difficult challenge of transitioning from education to employment if they do not have the relevant work experience and skills that businesses need. How will businesses be able to innovate without the skilled talent to propel their success? And, how can young graduates be better prepared for tomorrow’s job market? With the support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, ICTC is exploring how youth can more effectively and directly help businesses develop and implement workplace innovation.

Understanding innovation is key to business growth so preparing today’s youth with skillsets to support Ontario’s innovation economy and its businesses will better position youth as key players in the innovation agenda, especially at a time when graduates are leaving university and college with substantial student loan debt and facing a job market with a youth unemployment rate of 13%.

ICTC hopes to create a bridge that brings new graduates and businesses together to support innovation and growth. But to do this, we need your expertise. By helping us understand more about your challenges and needs, we can develop initiatives that will more effectively align you, as youth or as employers, to opportunities for increased innovation and growth.


Challenge 1: Helping Youth Connect to Jobs
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Challenge 2: Helping Companies Address Skills Gaps        

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