ICTC National Cyber Security Leadership Council set to create pathways for youth

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1 in 4 ICT professionals in Canada now require cyber security skills, and the number of employed cyber security professionals in Canada is projected to grow by 20% through 2019.

The evolving risk posed to small- and mid-sized, as well as large corporations, and individuals is creating high demand for advanced cyber security strategies and safeguards to better mitigate cyber threats in an increasingly hyper-connected digital world. ICTC believes that preparing the next generation of youth for this fast evolving landscape is paramount for Canada’s competitive advantage.

Leading the charge with ICTC to create pathways for youth and educators to promote cyber security learning opportunities is an outstanding group of dedicated cyber security leaders. We are excited to announce ICTC’s National Cyber Security Leadership Council on Youth and Education.

“Reaching the youth, helping them understand not only the demand for the various roles, but the personal satisfaction available in a cybersecurity career, is a foundational step to addressing the growing need.  They are our future innovators, entrepreneurs and solution providers and the council members and I are privileged to be part of this critical initiative to get them engaged.” – Jamie Rees, Senior Cyber-Security Strategist, Énergie NB Power, Chair, ICTC National Cyber Security Leadership Council on Youth and Education.

As tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, youth are a vital talent pool to respond to an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) economy and society. Recognizing the importance of this, ICTC has introduced CyberTitan – a Canadian Cyber Security Education Initiative through our Focus on IT (FIT) program. ICTC also endeavours to expand the reach of this initiative with secondary and post-secondary schools across Canada to nurture tomorrow’s cyber security leaders.

Through ICTC’s Canadian Cyber Security Education Initiative, we will also provide access to training materials, lessons, activities and assessments in cyber security. ICTC will also deliver cyber-days – professional development sessions delivered remotely or in person to school divisions or administration who wish to start implementing cyber security programs at the secondary level. The primary goal will be to train fellow educators on how to implement and prepare for CyberTitan challenges.  CyberTitan is a comprehensive online competition that scores students across North America in real time. This unique and engaging environment will provide students immediate feedback on their level of cybersecurity comprehension. CyberTitan can be integrated into any technology-related course throughout the school year or delivered as an after-school or lunch program.

Meet our Leaders:

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