PIPEDA – Learning the roles of businesses in the collection and protection of data

By 23 February 2016 No Comments

In an age where more and more of our daily lives are taking place online, digital security of personal information is at the forefront of Canadian’s minds. Banking, shopping, personal communication, all is stored away on the web, and the businesses who gather and store this information are trusted to keep it safe from those with less altruistic intents.

But are businesses doing enough to ensure that private information remains private? Research shows that Canadians are less likely to believe that businesses are taking their privacy seriously than they were nine years ago, a fact that is punctuated when you take into account that 35% of Canadians businesses have been the target of a cyber attack in their history.

Canadians are becoming more and more technologically literate as time goes on, and with that literacy comes the worry that much of their lives are stored on a series of databases, and with the number of cases of cyber related identify fraud on the rise, they look now more than ever towards businesses in order to keep their information (and their identify) safe.

But what exactly are businesses supposed to do to protect this sensitive information? With citizen’s concerns for their data’s safety on the rise, what roles do businesses (both large and small) have to play in protecting this personal material?

And what about Spam emails and notifications? With the newly in place Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation(CASL), Canadians have been experiencing a 29% drop in Spam received, yet Canadians still report that digital spam is second worse type of spam to receive (following shortly after unsolicited calls). How can a business ensure that their message is being heard to a wide audience, without crossing the threshold into the territory of creating e-spam? To answer these questions and more, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in collaboration with the CRTC, is pleased to announce a webinar hosted by the Information and Communications Technology Council. This webinar will look at cyber security, and what businesses need to know about the Personal Information protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA), as well as Canada’s anti spam legislation. Presented by Brent Homan, the webinar will discuss Businesses’ roles in the collection and protection of data, how to abide by anti spam laws, and much more.

The Webinar will take place on April 19th at 12 pm EST. To register, please click HERE, and be sure to check back for more information on webinars, digital summits, and other cutting edge, high tech events.