ICTC Research & Policy Overview:

Canada’s Leader in Research & Policy on Digital Transformation

ICTC delivers the largest and most rigorous ICT data analysis and research infrastructure in Canada.

As an independent and neutral policy advisor, ICTC offers specialized knowledge and an informed perspective on digital policy in support of government and business decision makers. Through our primary quantitative and qualitative research, we measure the digital socio-economic environment, formulate and recommend policy solutions for our country to take full advantage of ongoing global digital transformation.

Our research adheres to the highest research standards leveraging our strong industry, government, and academic networks. Our digital policy advice enables to facilitate developing a competency-based innovative and productive workforce required in Canada, and enables industries to maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Studies & Publications

ICTC focus areas:

As an independent, neutral policy advisor, ICTC offers subject matter expertise and an informed perspective on digital policy in support of government, academia, and business leaders. ICTC is a recognized, authoritative source of technology, economic, and labour market research that adheres to the highest research standards and leverages our extensive national network to shape research and policies that enable Canada to seize upon national and global digital opportunities.


A focus on policy:

ICT environment is dynamic and rapid technological development is changing how we communicate and access information and services. Policy frameworks focus on addressing historical inequalities in access to basic services, while ensuring that all Canadian’s benefit from new services and access to new technologies and that ICTs are actively used to meet the development goals of the country.

With the recent successful launch of the Innovation Agenda by the federal government, ICTC will seek to provide an understanding of how each part of the digital innovation ecosystem works and how different aspects contribute towards Canada’s standing in a global environment.

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