A Focus on ICT


In an environment of abundant and divergent policy advice of what should or should not be adopted as part of a robust digital innovation economy, having a clear understanding of the opportunities and unintended consequences will be vital in making timely and informed decisions.
Digital transformation continues to radically change the face of business in Canada and around the world. Spurred by strong business to business and business to consumers appetite, digital disruption is being felt in the banking, media, transportation, manufacturing, health, retail, and many other sectors. This reshaping of traditional markets is also challenging every aspect of incumbent firms in an increasingly global and competitive landscape

On March 13th, 2018 ICTC held a bi-lateral luncheon meeting with 13 industry leaders from the Belgian technology sector and 10 North American leaders. The meeting allowed delegates to discuss the Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the importance of increasing trade between Canada and Europe.

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Digital technologies have not only offered drastic changes to the technology sector itself, but they are positively disrupting all sectors of the economy. They have changed the way we work and the nature of work itself, the reach of communication along with the way we interact, and ultimately, they have changed the way we live. As a result, these shifts have left our institutions, regulatory bodies and even international agreements in a race against time as they struggle to keep pace.

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The Case for International Investment as a Means of Advancing Technology Ecosystem Development, Accelerating Scale Up and Promoting Sustainable Innovation.

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The Talent Imperative in a Global Context policy brief sheds light on the changing face of the digital labour market in Canada and highlights the importance of enabling a strong talent supply to enable businesses to compete and grow in scale and scope. Canada’s Innovation Agenda will need to address the technology talent gap to better leverage the impending hyper-connected and smart economy enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Internet of Things (sometimes called the Internet of Everything) is part of the Fourth
Industrial Revolution: a technological shift that is happening faster than previous industrial
revolutions and will impact how we live, work and interact. The Internet Age brought communications into our homes and our hands through mobile technology.