Robert Esposito – CyberTitan Coach Blog

After six years of being involved with the CyberPatriot program out of Washington D.C., it’s great to see that a Canadian National Cyber Security Competition has been established. Sisler was at the forefront of bringing together CyberPatriot and ICTC, which developed the foundation for the CyberTitan initiative. The competition is truly unique because it will bring together the brightest young minds in Cyber Security throughout Canada and provide an opportunity for teachers to network and develop strategies in this essential technology education content area.


As teachers and coaches at Canada’s largest cyber security program, we are always looking to enhance our broad-based integrated technology curriculum and contextual learning opportunities within the field of Cyber Security. The CyberTitan online competitions this year engaged over 100 students at Sisler within five rounds of intense online competition that tested their cyber security skills and teamwork abilities.


In the end, 12 students from Sisler’s Cyber Academy have qualified for the CyberTitan National Finals and are prepared to test their skills at the national level. Students are excited to attend the first ever CyberTitan National Finals and look forward to the challenges engineered by the CyberTitan competition team.


Robert Esposito
Sisler High School