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A Smart Future for Canadians: ICTC Launches Innovative Initiative for an Inclusive and Vibrant Smart Economy

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OTTAWA, July 11, 2019 — Today, The Information and Communications Technology Council is pleased to announce its research initiative, Towards an Inclusive and Vibrant Smart Economy. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, over the coming years, ICTC will be examining how urbanization and smart cities are unlocking the potential for economic and job growth across Canada. This is undertaken with the ultimate aim of shining a spotlight on the employment trends and skill needs of Canadian workers in our future cities. The research will come with a deep dive into key components driving smart city growth, such as the many applications of IoT, Blockchain, 5G mobile, and Artificial Intelligence, while also addressing overarching priority areas such as smart mobility, green energy, smart infrastructure, and others. ICTC’s work will uncover the impacts of these developments on labour demand and skill needs across Canadian cities, and map workers into a job-ready smart future.
“The digital economy continues to drive growth and change in Canada, which is why projects like this are so important. By fully understanding the potential of smart cities and providing pathways for Canadians to improve their skills, we can create more opportunities for everyone to succeed in the future of work.” said the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour

ICTC will showcase in-demand jobs in Canada’s emerging smart cities while identifying critical skillsets for tomorrow’s job seekers as well for workers in displaced or at-risk occupations. ICTC will be creating employment pathways for all Canadians in high and low skilled digital occupations, with the goal of bolstering participation in this burgeoning smart economy. This initiative will engender Canada-wide consultations, primary research, and will present the findings through dynamic employment heatmaps, skills matching pathways, and recognition programs.

By paving pathways for upskilling and employment transition for all Canadians, we will not only be better positioned to plan for digital disruption, but can also ensure that our future cities and communities are vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.

“Unleashing the full potential of a smart and connected economy is critical for Canada’s prosperity in the coming years. This initiative paves the way for increased participation of high and low skilled workers as well as underrepresented populations, enabling a shared digital future for all Canadians.” Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO
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