28 August 2019

Powering Ocean-based Businesses with Innovative Technology Solutions: How Atlantic Canada is Spearheading a Journey for Sustainable Growth in a Changing Economy

Written by Alexandra Cutean. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Nova Scotian lobster roll.…
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15 October 2018

EnAbling Change Report presentation at IFDM 2018

ICTC's Director of Research and Policy Alexandra Cutean is attending the International Forum on Disability…
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17 July 2018

Beyond the GDP: Measuring the Digital Economy Panel @ 13th International Regulatory Workshop of the Commission for Communications Regulation of Colombia

ICTC Director of Research & Policy Alexandra Cutean is attending "The Silicon Valley model or…
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26 June 2018

The Future of Car Sharing in our Cities

As car sharing has been making headlines in Toronto recently, Turo is bringing together a few key…
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27 April 2018

Vancouver Island Learning Network ADST & Coding

ICTC Director of Research & Policy Alexandra Cutean is delivering keynote speech at the Vancouver Island…
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